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Castelli Prosecco LS

Castelli Prosecco LS

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Excellent moisture management in medium weight for cool conditions
Prosecco 1st Layer 100% polyester main body fabric
Prosecco Micro fabric where less warmth is needed
Anatomical cut
Flat stitching at hem
Weight: 137g

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PROSECCO EXTRA DRY This midweight base layer is made for cool conditions or even high-intensity cold-weather rides where wicking moisture away from your skin is the first goal. The hydrophilic Prosecco treatment spreads the moisture out over a larger area for quicker evaporation. We use two different weights of fabric, with the thinner layer used where it will be covered by your shorts/tights or bib straps so that you don’t have too much insulation where you don’t need it.

John Knoops