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CHPT3 1.81 Base Layer

CHPT3 1.81 Base Layer

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Weight: 60g

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This is a microfibre polyester made as light and soft as possible. Its hydrophilic outer layer wicks moisture off the skin to the jersey yet doesn’t absorb moisture along the way. We made it a perfect weight so that when paired with the 1.21 jersey you end up with the combined weight of a normal looking jersey only with much better comfort and moisture management. Contrary to the subdued colours of the outer layer, we decided to make the base layer a bit more colourful, much the way a gentleman may choose the inner lining of his suit to contrast with the outside. In tailoring this is called a reveal, a flash of colour occasionally glimpsed that shows there’s something more going on than at first perceived. The coloured design is taken from parametric patterns created from the data (a combination of my heart rate, watts, speed, distance, etc.) of my final race: the 17th stage at the 2014 Vuelta a España. The neck is a little rounder than normal, more like a vest than a t-shirt. This compensates for the higher necks of the 1.21 and 1.61. I chose a sleeveless cut as this and the 1.21 jersey are designed to be used together. Sleeves on an undershirt can often be more uncomfortable with a short-sleeve jersey.

John Knoops